Nominations & Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility Requirements

Nominating Someone

To nominate another widow or family,  yourself or your children to receive a holiday gift and the eligibility requirements are met,

please download and fill out the TFF Nomination form and email to:

A widow and/or child of a fallen, or wife/family of a disabled, Naval Special Warfare SEAL, EOD Tech or SWCC may be nominated for this award, so long as the nominee(s) meets the following eligibility requirements:
• Widow or child must be a legal military dependent. Status confirmed by Military ID or DEERS   enrollment form.
• Child must be between the ages of 2 and 20, at the time of nomination.
• The disabled NSW SEAL, EOD Tech or SWCC must be retired or no longer on active duty.
• The fallen NSW SEAL, EOD Tech or SWCC must have perished in the line of duty.
• If nominating someone, nominee must be aware and approve of nomination. Approval must be sent via email from nominee to Triton Family Foundation.